A Brief Introduction to This Blog

On this page, I plan to offer my comments and opinions on subjects related to politics and current affairs.  Why should anyone care what I think?  I am not sure that I have a good answer.  With so many excellent writers already producing online content, I can only hope that I am able to add something of value to public discourse.

One of the reasons I started this blog is that I believe this is an exciting time to be a liberal.  There is a decent chance that in 2009, the Democrats will control the White House and have a sizable majority in Congress.  Anything can happen, of course, and the fact that John McCain has been a darling of the mainstream media since the 2000 campaign makes him a dangerous opponent.

Nevertheless, the Democrats have several factors working in their favor.  Opinion polls suggest voters are concerned about the slowing economy.  In addition, public opinion is now firmly against both the Iraq war and the lame-duck Republican president.  With each of these issues, the eventual Democratic nominee will offer a more significant change of course than John McCain. 

With a little bit of luck, in 2009 we will have a Democratic president and Congress that will be able to implement a progressive agenda.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.