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DNC on Tax Cut Deal: “Share Your Thoughts”

This evening, I received an e-mail from the DNC touting Obama’s capitulation “bipartisan agreement” on the Bush tax cuts extension.

There was nothing special in the message — just the administration’s run-of-the-mill talking points on the deal, which you have probably already heard or read.

Only one line in the DNC’s email caught my eye:

Take a minute to watch the video the President recorded — and then share your thoughts:

[emphasis added]

I have absolutely no interest in watching Obama’s video; I’ve already read about the deal, and I don’t need to hear the President’s spin.

However, I did take advantage of the DNC’s invitation to “share my thoughts.” For anyone else that is disgusted with Obama’s tax cut capitulation, I suggest you let the DNC know how you feel at the url below.