Fox News’ Lead Story on Election Eve? A “Voter Fraud” Warning

Normally, I make a point to avoid exposing myself to the alternate reality at Fox News.

But tomorrow is election day. With the polling data pointing towards Obama’s reelection, I figured, “Why not take a peek at how Fox News is spinning things?”

Here is a screen capture from the Fox News website, taken at 7:30 pm EST:

As you can see, the front page of the Fox News website is dominated by a headline that warns of “Election Day Voter Fraud.”

Never mind that Steve Schmidt, a senior senior strategist for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, admitted earlier today that voter fraud “doesn’t really exist.”

People living in the Fox News universe actually expect Mitt Romney to win. But he won’t. That’s why Fox News is busy pushing the false “voter fraud” narrative; it’s a ready-made excuse to explain Romney’s impending defeat.

UPDATE – 1 week later