Lou Dobbs Exposed

Lou Dobbs

Kudos to Isabel Macdonald for exposing the hypocrisy of Lou Dobbs.

Evidently, Dobbs had at least five illegal immigrants caring for his estate and horses.  On October 7, Dobbs and Macdonald appeared on Lawrence O’Donnell’s new MSNBC show discuss the accusations.

Dobbs’ defended himself by clinging to the fact that the undocumented workers in question were not employed directly by Dobbs, but instead worked for contractors in Dobbs’ employ.  But this fact was never in dispute; in her article for The Nation, Ms. Macdonald clearly states that Dobbs relied on contractors for his labor needs.

So the relevant question is: Should Dobbs be held accountable for his contractors’ use of illegal immigrant labor?

Well, Dobbs should be held accountable — if one were to hold Dobbs to his own standard.  Macdonald notes:

On CNN in 2007, [Dobbs] called private firms that oppose verification requirements for their contractors’ employees “ridiculous.”

Of course, now that it has been revealed that Dobbs’ own contractors used illegal immigrant labor, Dobbs is now basically saying ‘how could I have possibly known?’

So, Mcdonald is correct in labeling Dobbs a hypocrite.