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The (imaginary) “Death Panel” is Optional

If crazy Sarah Palin actually believes health insurance under the evil public option would have "death panels" killing her infant son and parents, there is a very simple solution to her imaginary problem: don’t sign up for public health insurance.

For a moment, let’s put aside the glaring fact that the very existence of "death panels" is a lie.  Palin may well recognize her "death panel" fantasy as deliberate fear mongering.  But with crazy Sarah Palin and her Brain to Nowhere, the possibility also exists that she at least partly believes her own nonsense.

So instead of merely setting the record straight, we should respond to Palin and all her fellow deathers by restating a fundamental fact about the public option: it is an option.

So if Palin truly believes that the public option is evil because of imaginary “death panels,” she still has nothing to worry about.  Simply don’t enroll in the public option!  It is an option!  Stick with private insurance if you so choose.  Problem solved 

And with that, I have just saved Sarah Palin and her family from almost certain “death panel” doom.

But seriously, the "death panel" attack, while uniquely brazen, still falls into the broader category of slander against the quality public health care.  Since the proposed public option is just that — an option –  all attacks against the quality of care provided by public health insurance are a moot point.

What’s that you say Glenn Beck?  You think public health insurance will require a lottery to get a doctor’s appointment?  No problem; stick with your private insurance if you are happy with it.

What’s that you say Rush Limbaugh?  You think public health insurance provides inadequate care?  Don’t worry; if you feel your private health insurance is superior, keep it.

Let those of us who want public health insurance have the option.