Before They Were Stars

I know, I am late to the party; but, for those who have not seen it yet, there is a video floating around of Bill O’Reilly earlier in his television career. Apparently, before he became everyone’s favorite Fox News blowhard, O’Reilly was spreading his unique brand of sunshine on the entertainment news show, Inside Edition.

So, enjoy a good laugh watching this “Inside Edition” clip, and observe Bully Boy Bill honing the journalistic style that would serve him so well at Fox News.

Disclaimer: since this site’s content normally does not warrant anything more than a PG rating, I will mention that O’Reilly’s temper tantrum does include some profanity.

Now, if you are like me, while watching Bill’s tantrum, you were thinking “wow, this is really funny!  I only wish there was a dance remix!”  Ask, and you shall receive.

Again, this clip includes explicit language.